Christine Read more about Christine


“Psoriasis doesn’t own me anymore.” Christine joined Healthy Balance after talking to her dermatologist about how she could improve her psoriasis.

Doug and Kim Read more about Doug and Kim

Doug and Kim

Doug and Kim credit the Healthy Balance program with being able to eliminate or reduce their medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Deborah Read more about Deborah


Deborah had tried fad diets before, but succeeded with Healthy Balance because she learned healthy behaviors she can maintain for the rest of her life.

Peter Read more about Peter


Before Healthy Balance, Peter felt like food was controlling him instead of the other way around. Healthy Balance changed his life.

Leishka Read more about Leishka


Leishka says after completing Healthy Balance she now sleeps better, and can walk and even run without any pain in her knees and back.

Sandra Read more about Sandra


Sandra loved being on the journey with others in the group. She was amazed at all the wonderful foods she could eat!  

Tammy Read more about Tammy


Tammy wanted a program that wasn’t a “diet.” She needed something she could continue for the rest of her life.  

Dorothy Read more about Dorothy


Dorothy learned to take care of her body. She continues to practice what she learned in Healthy Balance every day and says she is happier because she is healthier.