How It Works - Answers To Your Questions


Do I need to be a Kaiser Permanente member to sign up for the programs?

The Kaiser Permanente Healthy Balance weight management programs are open to everyone. Whether you are a member or nonmember, you will receive the same level of high quality care.
Wellness Coaching by Phone and Balance® are available at no charge to Kaiser Permanente members 18 years and older.

Each Kaiser Permanente multi-session program is comprehensive and evidence-based. You will learn and practice tools for healthy eating, exercising, stress management, and changing behaviors. During the session, you will check-in with your group, spend time discussing weight management topics and practicing skills for weight management. Each session will end with creating an individualized action plan for the week.

Approximately 15-25 people will attend each session.

Many exercise options will be reviewed, including seated exercises, for different levels.

Participants are encouraged to participate in weight maintenance sessions after at least 14 sessions. Some participants will continue in the active program for maintenance. Active involvement in weight maintenance plus using the tools learned in the program can help make weight loss permanent.

No. You may call your local Kaiser Permanente weight management programs directly to get started today. Click here to see a list of our locations