Apps and Resources

Take an online personalized Healthy Lifestyle program. Get the advice, encouragement, and tools to make healthy changes. Choose eating healthy, losing weight or reducing stress.

Click on podcasts to connect to over 20 different free guided imagery programs. Engage your mind, body and spirit to help you reduce stress, focus healthy changes and promote healing. Choose relaxation and wellness, panic attacks and anxiety (contains useful tools for everyone with or without panic attacks and anxiety), self-confidence, stress or weight loss.

Kaiser Permanente living healthier with diabetes resources.

Kaiser Permanente heart healthy living resources.

Website and app helps track blood sugars, food intake, and exercise

Healthy Dining Websites

Healthy Dining Finder

Look up restaurants in your zip code to find healthy choices before you go.

Happy Cow

Dining guide to healthy vegetarian and vegan restaurants and natural health food stores. Resources for recipes. Available as an app for a fee.

Free Community Support Programs with resources

Food Addicts

Food Addicts in Recovery

Overeaters Anonymous

Take Off Pounds Sensibly


Plant-based Nutrition Websites with Recipes and Other Resources


Free Apps for Weight Management and Exercise

Go 4 Life

Fitness website with great resources for endurance or aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility exercises. Order free exercise DVDs and download fitness resources, such as a free audio book. Resources also available in Spanish.

My Fitness Pal

This fitness and nutrition app and website has one of largest food library. Track the calories you eat per day and how many you are burning. You can scan packages with your smart phone for nutrition info. This app links up to the computer as well so you can log in anywhere anytime. Connect with friends via social media.

Lose It!

A fitness and nutrition app helps you track the calories you consume each day. There is fast food information and you can scan a package for nutrition info. You enter your weight; track your food and exercise. Can share progress with friends via social media. Additional features available for a fee including blue tooth scale.

Calorie King

Calorie King is an app and website with a great food database of foods and restaurant menu items. Your calorie targets change when you meet your goals to help manage your weight.

Map My Fitness

Uses your phone’s GPS technology to track distance, pace, time and speed during your workout. Create training logs and track your eating to monitor your progress with an option to share via social media

Everybody Walk!

Walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week, can improve your health. You will find walking maps, walking tips, expert advice and inspiring videos to get you started with a website and app.

Run Keeper

Gives accurate readings of distance run, calories burned, tracks your speed and route, while offering encouragement at halfway point and towards the end of your run, includes an optional link to social media.

Workout Trainer

Your virtual personal trainer that can give you thousands of different workout plans. Choose your own soundtrack and get the instructions over it. Choose to work on any part of your body, or work on cardio, flexibility, etc. with equipment free workouts available.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy 300+ is the free version of the popular Fitness Buddy app with over 300+ exercises with detailed descriptions, animations and an assortment of workouts.

GymGloal ABC

GymGoal ABC is a free app that will teach you the basics of weight lifting. It includes 280 exercises with animations and written instructions and 52 workout routines (adjustable for four levels of expertise).

Daily Yoga (All-in-One)

Daily Yoga (All-in-One) is a dedicated yoga coaching app, providing yoga sessions with different durations & difficulty levels, videos, live voice instructions, background music, social community support, and more.