The COVID-19 and Weight Connection

By Ray Nanda, MD, Regional Physician Lead, Center for Healthy Living

Most of us know someone whose health and life have been affected by COVID-19. Many of our members have been asking, “Besides staying on top of my vaccinations (including the flu shot), safety measures (wearing a mask, hand washing, and distancing), and recommended health screenings, is there anything else I can do to make sure that I stay healthy this winter and through the pandemic?”

The answer is yes!

Getting help with your personal goals around weight, healthy eating, stress management, better sleep, and regular exercise is one of the fantastic advantages of being a Kaiser Permanente member. Making these goals and working toward them are actions each of us can do to improve outcomes with our health and the pandemic.

We know that weight is one of the factors that can affect a person’s response to and outcomes from COVID-19. We wanted to make sure you knew that we are continuing to offer our no-cost, results-proven weight management program, Healthy Balance, online. Yes, there’s no need to come to the office or hospital! Thousands of members like you are eating healthier and losing weight through Kaiser Permanente’s innovative use of our video platform for workshop participants.

If COVID-19 has got you thinking about your health, your future, and your loved ones, take this journey with us. There’s no commitment. Just try it out. You have nothing to lose but the weight!

For more information about the Healthy Balance program, click here.